A cultural activity & tasting in Ajaccio

A visual and auditory session (multilingual)

Napoleon’s grotto offers you an innovating concept: a cultural session covering Napoleon Bonaparte’s life thanks to several screens equipped with a multilingual system, while eating the traditional Corsican meal.

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an authentic tasting experience

For more than hundred and hundred   years, the  Spuntinu is the traditional  corsican meal,  a friendly and sharing time.

Our spuntinu :

  • white beet and onions turnovers
  • Corsican charcuterie(ham, salami, coppa, lonzu)
  • a selction of corsican cheeses with fig jam
  • salad with nuts
  • 20 cl of wine or 25 cl of beer (adult) ou 33 cl of soda
  • still water
  • traditional country bread

Children (under 12 years old) :

  • same menu but lighter
  •  ice cream
  • 33 cl of soda

It is possible to adapt the food  (religion, allergy, vegetarian …).
Heavy drinking  can take a serious toll on your health

The Spuntinu
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