Napoleon's Cave

Napoleon's Cave

We offer you a new discovery of the life of

Napoleon the Ajaccian

A brand new activity into an original environment, through a video lecture, while eating a snack: the Spuntinu!

A cultural, visual and tasting experience

In this entirely innovating place and thanks to digital technologies,we discover Napuliò‘s childhood determinants

Napoleon's Cave

Regular hours services:

10h – 11h30 – 13h – 14h30 – 16h – 17h30 – 19h – 20h30

This concept shows how important are the roles played by Napoleon Bonaparte, the city of Ajaccio and our island , Corsica , in  today society.



2019, this year marks the 250th anniversary of  the Emperor’s birth

Napoleon's signature
The Spuntinu

Corsican flavours

The Spuntinu

The Spuntinu which is a typical Corsican tasting, will  go along with this visual and multilingual auditory discovery, displaying traditional ajaccian dishes  , such as onions or  white beet turnovers, charcuterie and cheese accompanied with fig jam, the whole wrapped  into a 18th century atmosphere.

old-time memories.....

The Shop

In order to conclude this experience, you will find in the gift shop  a large range of  miscellaneous Napoleon’s goodies.

The Shop
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